Products adapted for the most extreme conditions

DOUAISIS’ high-performing conveyor rollers are the result of more than 100 years of experience and the work performed by the research office to meet the standard and specific needs of its clients. DOUAISIS rollers can be found in multiple sectors: mining activities, cement plants, airport activities, the steel industry, sugar refineries, chemical fertiliser products and many more.

For each activity there exists a host of operational and environmental constraints to which DOUAISIS applies adapted solutions, thanks to the knowledge it has acquired from a demanding customer base.

The constraints faced, whatever the application, are often similar: large amounts of dust depending on the different types of minerals or products being transported. The dust can be quite abrasive or clogging. The rollers are also subjected to water, mud, humidity and acid splashes.

Mining activities

Cement plants

Port activities

Steel industry

Sugar refineries

Specific markets