Quality and service

Douaisis: dependable products

Since the beginning, DOUAISIS has endeavoured to manufacture reliable and sturdy products. With a view to improving product life spans, each component is precision-made from high-quality raw materials. At each step in the manufacturing process, the operator completes strict self-testing according to established procedures.


Standard product manufacturing in compliance with the ISO 1537 international standard as well as the AFNOR 53300, AFNOR 53301 and DIN 22107 standards.

Manufacturing of all non-standard products according to the specific needs of the client.

DOUAISIS, at its clients’ service

DOUAISIS took on the mission of meeting the needs of a demanding clientele, as the business charter shows. Its simple, dynamic and high-performing structure allows it to effectively meet all client needs.

Irreproachable service; this is the challenge DOUAISIS takes on every day.

Thanks to its experience, the care it takes from research to manufacturing products and its high-level of responsiveness, DOUAISIS asserts itself as an essential and dependable partner for its clients.